Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Little Something for Ms Ashenden

A while ago I promised the lovely Ms Jackie Ashenden a pair of cyber shoes from my next shopping spree.  Well I got her the sassiest pair I could find but then came the problem of how to get them to her.  So I've resorted to having to post them on my blog and letting Jackie know they're here for her to pick up.

Here they are, Jackie.  Are they sassy enough for ya?

They're made out of python leather (and the fluffy stuff is Mongolian Fur).  Of course I saw them and instantly thought of you (don't ask).  And no, I didn't forget Hoo, although he is difficult to buy for. 
ME:  Five pairs of Gucci loafers, size 10 please.
SALESMAN: Cinque? (Gucci shoes = Hot Italian Salesman)
ME: That's right, five.
SALESMAN: Your five boyfriends are very lucky, Signorina.
ME: *giggling coquettishly* Silly man, I don't have five boyfriends.........I'm buying shoes for my friend's octopus *winks*

Sadly I had to decline a very tempting offer of a ride on his vespa because I had too many shoe boxes to carry!  (Hoo you owe me the phone number of a hunky young Italian man with connections in the shoe business).  Here are Hoo's New Shoes (sounds like a kiddy book):

Understated style - has Hoo written all over them doesn't it?

Oh and I owe Lacey a pair too for getting her fabulous entry in before the NV comp closed.  Well she did it and what an entry it is!  Makes me wanna crawl under a desk and wait until my own Mr Dare turns up ;)  These are for you Lacey - consider the shoebery settled.


Lacey Devlin said...

Shoes! Ooo they are fab-u-lous! Thanks Elissa! And thanks for all my nagging too :)

Jackie Ashenden said...

Oh, Elissa, they are fantastic!! And sooo sassy! I love them. The Mongolian Fur feels really nice and the python leather... Don't get me started! Thank you very much, I shall wear them all the time.
Hoo LOVES the shoes. The kiddy book suggestion is extremely apt because you've inspired Hoo to go write his own (once he gets that phone number you request naturally). He will dedicate it to you (for $50). ;-)

Elissa Graham said...

Lacey - you are most welcome for the shoes and we are the ones who should be thanking you. Firstly for all the hard work you did plugging our NV entries on your blog and then secondly for your wonderful entry - it was a great read!

Jackie - glad you like the shoes. Have to say I was quite tempted to keep them for myself but Mama taught me to share. Any time you need a new pair just let me know - I'm happy to have the excuse to shop.

Hoo - you cheeky woollen heartthrob! If you weren't such a hunk I' *mutters* cheque's in the mail.

Suzanne Jones said...

That's a great shoe collection :-)

Elissa Graham said...

Oh Suzanne if only you knew! I've hundreds of pairs, all tucked away in a little folder on my hard drive - so I can pull them out whenever I'm feeling like a sashay. It's so much cheaper than buying them for real (like I could ever afford it anyway). But they are one of my inspirations for making it as a published writer - I'll still live in a little apartment but I'll wear fabulous shoes to every book signing I do!!!!

joanne pibworth said...

You are a girl after my own heart Elissa.:o)

Wearing high heels to write is my secret weapon - even though i'm alone and sitting at the dining table, the heels help me channel my inner-minx!
It's a fact - and an excuse to buy pretty shoes.