Thursday, September 30, 2010

Change of Plans

A girl's allowed to change her mind.  And I've changed mine.  I'm still going to start something new and enjoy writing something longer, exploring characters in greater detail (including secondary characters) and allowing myself to indulge in describing scenery and the weather and maybe food, who knows.  But when I've had my literary holiday, I won't be returning to Aiden and Emily. 

I've decided to give them a holiday of their own.  Like any good comfort food, they need to be allowed to simmer on low heat for a while and then I'll come back, add some seasoning, stir things up and serve up a partial for consideration. 

I'm still having problems deciding which of my ideas is the best one to dive into.   Each time I read through my plot outlines for the ideas I get caught up and think "Yep this is the one" but then I look at the next one and think exactly the same thing.  Remembering Potter Moon and Amiata are the two oldest ideas and Dear Miss Preston and Queen of the Fey are more recent gifts from a newly discovered muse.   Honestly I think it's down to Amiata and Dear Miss Preston but they're so different but both really exciting ideas..........maybe that's it: I can start both and then see where they take me.

Okay off to find photos of maisonettes in Holland Park in London and research Italian donkeys.  Go on admit it, you're intrigued aren't you?


Jackie Ashenden said...

Um, that would be yes! Italian donkeys?? Yay for new ideas. I'm terribly unfaithful to my mss. Am always leaving them for a newer, fresher model. Bad Jackie. Have to at least finish one! :-)

Lacey Devlin said...

Have a great time on your literary holiday Elissa!

Elissa Graham said...

Jackie - Ha! I knew it! But now I'm wondering if you're intrigued for the right reasons. I mean Italian donkeys as in the animal not as in a slang term for some stubborn hot guy (aka Italian Stud). I can hear your disappointment from here! As for being unfaithful I chose to think of it as relationship R&D.

Lacey - you want me to send you a postcard? I love postcards and I have the most insane collection of them from my few trips overseas. By far the most lewd were those I stumbled across in Pompeii (talk about leaving nothing to the imagination) *blushes just thinking about them*. I'll find something nicer for you Lacey, promise.

Caroline said...

I'm intrigued too! Italina donkeys....ummm... you've got to share this with us! Caroline x

Madeleine said...

I like the sound of your holiday. I hope you find the plot that inspires you to run with it soon and if you hop over to mine you'll see I've got an award for you.

Elissa Graham said...

Caroline - I'm wading through research at the moment and I have to say I'm finding it very interesting but yes...donkeys - highly underrated animals (especially as romance linchpins!!).

I'm hoping I can pull this one off because my heroine is actually a lot older than I am but I'm really drawn to her and I've got my fingers crossed that other people feel the same. But why should romance stop just because you're older than M&B heroines, right?

Elissa Graham said...

Madeleine - what a sweetie you are! Thank you for the very first one. So from what I've read I need to now pass it on to another 15 blogs that I have just discovered (not necessarily new blogs just new to me). That's deserving of it's own post I think. So I'll get on to that asap.

But thanks again to Madeleine for the nomination. May literary muses find you irresistible for a long time to come :)