Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Gotta Be Honest With You....

The fact is, there is no Elissa Graham.  Well I mean there is, but there isn't.  Confused?  Let me see if I can be a little clearer: I'm Elissa Graham but I'm not because I made her up.  Elissa is my pseudonym.  Why write under a pseudonym?  Well because I write children and YAs books too and I wanted to avoid any mix ups that could occur down the line when I'm published.  You'll note that I said 'when' and not 'if'.  Which leads me to a list ingeniously entitled: Some Things You May Like To Know About Me.

1. I am female
2. I'm over 18.  (Far enough over that I'm not willing to tell you just how far.)
3. I'm doing my level best to be as positive as possible about as many things as possible.  Having said that I reserve the right to have a whine, vent and/or rant whenever I see fit - after all this is my blog.  But for now I'm going for the outrageously-confident-while-still-maintaining-a-down-to-earthiness-you-can't-resist kinda vibe.  Please feel free to let me know how I'm going.
4. I love a chat - so, again please feel free to drop me a line or comment.  Who knows you could spark a whole new topic of conversation!
5. I love to write ergo I love to read.  What do I like to read?  At the moment I like romance, fantasy, some sci fi, some mysteries, and chick lit.  I don't particularly find biographies or non-fiction books all that enticing, mind you if it's a gossipy sort of biography (eg a celebrity as opposed to a politician) then I could be tempted.  I do like my gossip fix.
6. I'm new to blogging - betcha didn't see that one coming!
7. I will be making things up about the fictional me.  Not so much lying as decorating the truth.  Look at it this way: if you had the chance to be anyone you wanted in a parallel universe and not hurt a single soul by doing it - who would you be?  Well this is who I am (in the parallel universe of blogland) and I know I'm not the only one doing it.  At least I'm being honest about the fact I'm lying.
8. I prefer British humour over American but that's not to say that a bit of well done slapstick can't leave me in a fit of giggles.  Please add having a good laugh to the sublist of things I like.
9. May as well add men to that list too.  But real men.  The ones that look like men.  Not the pretty, skinny things that feature in so many of the fashion ads these days.  Lord knows, their mothers love them but I don't. Give me George Clooney, Harrison Ford, Russell Crowe, Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman, Colin Firth and Matthew MacFadyen (please, please, please give them to me) any day of the week.
10. I love cocktails - the prettier the better.  You know the ones with all the sugar on the rim and the fruit hanging off the side and six straws and the essential umbrella.  Mmmm love 'em.
11. Oh and shoes - can't forget shoes.  I have spent far too much money on them so I've taken to having a cyber shoe closet where I find pictures of shoes I adore and after a bit of cutting and pasting - voila, I have a new pair of cyber shoes.  Not as rewarding and I don't get near as many compliments but it is kinder to my credit card and I save hundreds of dollars in band-aids and foot massages!

So there you go, or rather, here I am.  Hope you like me.  I'll leave you with a pair of my latest cyber purchases - awww aren't they pretty?  Feel free to borrow them, just make sure you return them before the weekend........I have a date ;-)

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Aideen said...

Hey Elissa, decided to stalk you over here once I realised you had your very own blog!! I lauged out loud at this post, more than once! It's great to have somewhere new to hang out and I love the humour. I particularly like the British humour too, as opposed to American, but again agree on the old slapstick at times.

Great deco too btw, your imaginary self sure put a lot of thought into it!