Sunday, October 21, 2012

Not Such A HEA

HEA.  Just in case you're a newbie romance writer/reader or you've stumbled on this blog by accident whilst looking for......well, whatever you were looking for:  HEA is an acronym for Happily Ever After.

Or, in my case, Hightened Ending Anxiety.

See I've reached the last chapter in my ms (that's manuscript not the trendy alternative to Miss or Mrs) and I can't come up with an appropriate ending.

I can think of lots of cheesy ones - and don't get me wrong I've read cheesy endings that were splendiferous and just SO appropriate that you couldn't really want for a different one - but none of those corny closures really fit.

My heroine is, well my Hero captures her quite well when he tells her that "a high-strung, hot blooded, thin-skinned cactus would be less prickly" than her.  So a trip down the aisle impersonated a meringue is just not right.

Now don't get me wrong - my heroine wants the Hero (and not just in a biblical sense - plus she's already had him like that).  No, she wants the whole shebang.  The white picket fence, 2.4 children and the dog but there are a few things she wants to do first.


Holy Lightbulbs Batman, I think I've just had a breakthrough!

Okay, I'll be back.


After I've written my last chapter.

Probably to whine about rewriting and polishing etc.

Thank you for listening.

I may, or may not, be the kind of person who has to talk through, or in this case, write through my issues to be able to understand them better.  But hey, isn't that what a Blog is all about?!