Sunday, September 19, 2010

Life is Too Short to Wear Bad Shoes

So I've donned my bestest, most expensive, most bewdiful pair of heels and I've strutted my New Voices entry up to the Inbox, pasted it in there, prettied it up (as best as possible) and waved goodbye to it. 

And boy do I feel good!  No, seriously.  I feel the kind of great that words really can't describe.  Not because I think my entry is so fabulous that it's going to knock the socks off anyone lucky enough to read it .....although....!  No just kidding.  I'm feeling so good because I took the risk.  I enjoyed myself so much during the writing process that it felt positively naughty.  I enjoyed researching how to polish and edit my work and then enjoyed applying that knowledge (a big poster-girl salute here to my blog mentors Jackie Ashenden, the Sassy Sisters, Maisy Yates, Nicola Marsh and all the talented people who write for QueryTracker).  But most of all I enjoyed entering it because even if I don't win (and let's face it in the face of the talent that's already up on that board, I'm being optimistic if I say my chances are at best anorexic) I've done it.

I'm not wearing bad shoes.  I'm not accepting that this burning passion inside of me to write is just something to keep to myself.  I'm not going to put writing off for when I have more time, more money or less demands on my attention.  I'm not going to add writing to a list of regrets, a list of I-wish-I-hads.  I'm not settling for less than what that little voice in my head keeps whispering I could have.  I'm not allowing the fear of what other people might say or think or do control my actions.  I'm not letting my negative thoughts (or what Jackie calls the Voice of Doom) ruin my moment.  I'm not wearing bad shoes.*

I know it's Sunday and who knows when my entry will appear in all it's nekid glory but you know what - I don't care.  I'm going to continue in my quest to be positive and so it's time to start polishing chapter two (The Elevator Scene) and THEN because I've been such a good girl I'm going to start on a new ms.  A chicklit book, the idea for which came out of nowhere and has been singing its siren song to me while I've been busy with Emily and Aiden.

But first I must show you the newest addition to my closet family:

Sooooo pretty!!

*Bad is, of course, a subjective term and you can take it to mean ugly, or ill-fitting, or old-fashioned, or tacky or whatever.   As a metaphor, it works for me.  What works for you?


Lacey Devlin said...

CONGRATULATIONS ELISSA!!! You should feel fabulous and you should be wearing great shoes! I have shoe envy ;). I'm heading off to add you to our Wall of Fame!

Elissa Graham said...

Envy shmenvy (hmmm try saying that fast on a pair of six inch heels!!)

I picked up a lovely pair for Jackie last shop (still looking for something for Hoo though - purple is a difficult colour to accessorise) and I'm sure I've got the perfect pair in mind for you. I'll hand them over when you post your entry.

Bribery is such an underrated skill.....;)

Lacey Devlin said...

Lol! I'm definitely open to shoebery ;)

Jackie Ashenden said...

Nice chapter, Elissa! Well done you!! I'm not leaving comments at the moment but I am rating and I thought that was fantastically done.
And thank you for the shoes. When do I get to see huh? huh? Hoo is desperate for his. ;-)

Talei said...

Oh I love those shoes!

Bad can also mean 'hawt, cool, so bad its good.'...well my teenage niece would attest to that. ;)

Good luck with your New Voices entry - I'm off to check it out now. ;)

Elissa Graham said...

Talei, the great thing about cyber shoes is that they're ALWAYS in your size. So go ahead, take 'em. They're yours! Guaranteed not to cause blisters, make your feet ache, or pinch anywhere.

Ah yes, the 'bad' word. Nothing like confusing people is there? When bad means good and phat means hunky and nice means anything but. I'm going to take the stance that since I am not a teenager (thankfully) and I am a writer *holds breath waiting for someone to snigger* that when I say something, I mean it (oh that sounds butch doesn't it?). Oh you know what I mean. I hope.

In my defence I did say in my profile that I may not make sense to everyone. Or anyone.

Are you/have you entered the NV comp too? If so let me know the title and I'll have a squizz. Blatant self promotion is always welcome here ;P