Sunday, June 10, 2012

This Is Me: Being Creative

I've been reading lots of blogs and it seems my lack of blogging is not something unusual.  It would seem that this is the season for being MIB (no, not Men In Black - Missing In Blogdom).

Rather than regale y'all with tales of how pathetic I am in not being able to stick to my 'new' blogging schedule (even if it was because I was writing LOTS), I am, instead, going to do what I supposedly do best: be creative.

So here (a la David Letterman) are the Top 10 Reasons Why I Haven't Been Blogging:

10.  Took time off to choreograph Britney Spears' comeback tour;

9. Launched my own perfume/lingerie/make-up line;

8. Emergency shoe shopping with Lady Gaga;

7. Starred in a Bollywood musical;

6.  Filmed my own cooking show;

5.  Volunteered as George Clooney's voice coach for a role as an Aussie in an upcoming movie;

4.  Employed by Brangelina as their Wedding Coordinator (and due to the confidentiality agreement, that's all I can say.  Really.  Please don't ask for any more details);

3.  Hosted Intervention # 4,832 for Lindsay Lohan - she didn't turn up but then again she never does and it turned out to be quite a shindig anyway!

2.  Was Jessica Simpson's doula;

1.  Gerard Butler.  (I don't really need to say any more do I?)

Rest assured I have sent out a mass text to all my A-lister chums and let them know that I'm not available for anything more than a quick cuppa, a couple of texts or a brief skype because I really have to get back into blogging.

I'm sure they'll understand.

Except you, Gerard.  For you, I'm always available.


Jackie Ashenden said...

Are we able to see this Bollywood musical then? ;-)

Elissa Graham said...

Sure - I'm the devastatingly gorgeous one in the sari dancing around. You'll be able to spot me immediately on account of my to-die-for earrings!