Thursday, June 21, 2012

Softly, Softly, Catchee Monkey

I'm a firm believer that getting quick wins on the board is a huge motivational force.

So here I am gloating that I have been able to stick to my goal of 1000+ words a day since Monday.  In the spirit of putting it all out there, I finished my post on Monday afternoon and thought to myself, I'll start that goal tomorrow but then I slapped myself around a bit (a strange habit I admit) and sternly said to myself: Self that is the Old Elissa talking, the New Elissa will start her goal TODAY!

And I did.

Despite my brain being three quarters fried from having to be so creative writing my blog post and it being late and me being in the middle of yet another fabulous Austen fan fiction novel as well as halfway through knitting a cardigan, I decided I would write my 1000+ words. right. then.

And what's more I have maintained my momentum.

Okay so it's cheating a little because it's the beginning of a book and that's the bit for me that always goes fast - it's the middle and the end that drag on for eternity - for me anyway!

But we'll keep slogging way, won't we Sandy?  Btw I've adopted Sandy as my silent sponsor through this process.  She's going to see me through it, right Sandy?  Because who's your new bestie?

That's right.  Me.

Right back atchya ;)

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