Monday, April 2, 2012

Well Hello Groove Thang!

So I took my little ol' self off to the picture the-atre and saw myself a movie.  A movie that I was pretty sure I was going to enjoy because it had Ms Julia Roberts in it (which in itself is not a guarantee that it's going to be good - *cough*MonaLisaSmile*cough*) but this time she's in a romcom.  And I loves me a romcom.

Now Julia and I share a lot of things in common - one day I'll tell you all about it - but suffice to say when her jaw dropped when the lead male role swanned in sans shirt (thankyouverymuch), I was SOOOO there in the moment with her!

What movie?  What male lead, do I hear you eagerly whisper?  This one:

Playing the charming Prince Andrew Alcot in the movie Mirror, Mirror is Armie Hammer. Yes he is young.  Too young to even think about ....... well okay not too young to think about but I would definitely have to hand him back his hotel key (if you know what I mean). 

Some stats:
* he's 6 foot 5 inches tall.  For real.  198.5cm of manliness.
* he has a hairy chest and he's not afraid to use it.  In fact he actually refused to shave it for the movie and I, for one, am very grateful the young lad has principles.
* he has an incredibly deep voice.  You know the kind you can close your eyes and just listen to - for like, forever!
* he has sparkly blue eyes and perfect teeth and that mouth.......swoon!
* did I mention he's 6' 5"?  With a hairy chest?  And a deep voice?  Can anyone say perfect????

Any man who can look macho in a puffy-sleeved shirt, (as well as all the above positives) gets my vote of approval.  I know the movie has been panned by a lot of cynics critics, but honestly, I enjoyed it.  It's light hearted and cute and the colour is so unbelievably rich and gorgeous that you come out of the cinema thinking someone has tweaked the colour lever on real life - everything looks washed out until your poor brain adjusts.  And don't get me started on the costumes - I want every single one of Julia's gowns.  Of course I'd need a whole new wardrobe the size of my house to store them in, but hey: minor detail.

The movie did what I wanted it to: I emmerged, blinking rapidly, into the pallid real world with a big smile plastered on my face and my heart chock full of the kind of happiness only a fairy tale romcom can inspire.

It's amazing how the appearance of a Prince Shirtless Charming can help a gal get her groove thang back!

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Suzanne Jones said...

Sounds like a great movie. XX