Thursday, March 17, 2011


Not intentionally but with good reason.

A combination of wanting to work on the ms as well as take out some time to spend with someone very important to me.

But I'm back and despite being WAY behind on my self-imposed deadline, I'm still keen to see if I can whip this baby into shape by the end of the month.

Hear that?  It's my WIP taunting me so I'm off to pick up that gauntlet it's thrown down and slap it around the moosh with it a few times and maybe inflict a few flesh wounds (aka lop off a few thousand words).

But if it threatens to wave its private parts at my Aunty, there's no telling what I might do!


Lacey Devlin said...

I think everyone is behind on their self-imposed deadlines at the moment. It must be something in the air :)

Elissa Graham said...

Which means I'm either a trend setter or *eeek* a follower!

I shall console myself with the following little affirmation:
'Tis far better to fall behind on one's deadlines in good company, than to wear skinny jeans and have no friends at all!

Suzanne Jones said...

Oh, I like that quote :0)

Yes, I'm behind on my deadlines, too.


Karen said...

Your WIP sounds appealingly naughty - hope your aunty's not easily offended!