Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day Two

On the second day Elissa separated the sucky sort of ending she had written from the rest of the manuscript.  And Elissa made another document into which she pasted the thousands of words she had written in error.  And she called it Cut Material and it was truly sucky (with some not so sucky bits that she will probably use later).  And even though it was exceedingly difficult to click on 'cut' she did it and then saw that it was good.

Biblically God separated the waters on Day Two and I cleft my manuscript in twain.  It was not easy clefting but it was a much needed cleft and it is liberating to now have all that white space begging me to fill it up with scribble erudite composition!

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Lacey Devlin said...

Go on. Say it. You love editing!

Elissa Graham said...

Remember Fonzy from Happy Days trying to say sorry? If not - google it.

Okay here goes Lacey: I love e.....ed...e..e.. ed.....I love ed......I love e..e...e....

Nope no can do. I'll stick with: I'm learning.

That will have to be enough for now. :)