Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

Oh my Lordy me!  What a Christmas!  And it's been over a week since I posted and I feel like I've been starved of chocolate for the whole time.

Well I hope no one else had a Christmas like our family get together.  We had our BIG family meal scheduled for Christmas Eve (all of our family meals are big but this one is usually HUGE).  By HUGE I mean the food to people ratio.  Honestly.  We normally have enough to feed a small nation but it means most people get enough to take home and use over the coming days when the idea of cooking is just so beyond you that it's akin to dragging yourself through putrid crocodile infested gloopy mud *shudders at the thought*.  But my poor old Dad wasn't feeling well because of what he said was a pulled muscle.  Later on he developed a high fever and we were all a bit worried about him.  When he refused dessert we knew something was seriously wrong.

Christmas morning my brother drove Dad to the doctor who sent him to hospital for scans.  Those scans showed not only did my darling Daddy have pleurisy but also a clot in his right lung.  So he's been admitted into hospital and is on treatment but he's not a happy camper.  He hates hospital and everyone making a fuss of him and asking him "personal" questions and (God forbid) touching him!!!

So our Christmas has been the weirdest one yet (and trust me that's saying something).  But it has had it's highs as well.  I had several long delicious cuddles of my newest great niece (my niece and I are quite close in age) and her youngest baby is so cute I could just eat her.

My great-grandmother's pudding (that I made by myself for the first time this year) turned out perfectly, except I forgot the threepences to put in it before we cut it up.

I certainly hope that your Christmas was less 'exciting' than ours.


Nas Dean said...

Hi Lisa, Your poor Dad. Hope he gets well soon.

Elissa Graham said...

Thanks Nas. He came home today! Yippeee!

Nas Dean said...

I'm glad!

Lacey Devlin said...

Your father sounds like a wonderful character Elissa! I hope he gets well soon :) Best wishes for the New Year!