Friday, December 31, 2010

Delicious Beginnings

I've been watching lots of lovely films lately and the latest has been Miss Potter.  The scenery, those gorgeous pictures of animals, the amazing costumes and the delectable Mr Ewan McGregor (who could resist a man with THAT moustache?).

But the thing I love most about the film is the opening (and closing) line.

"There's something delicious about writing the first words of a story.  You can never quite tell where they'll take you."

And although my current wip has already been started, I'm applying the essence of those lines to the upcoming New Year.  There is definitely something delicious about a New Year.  It is a new beginning.  Packed to the brim with possibility and promise - like a firework, ready to light.

I agree with Kate Walker (in her post over at The Pink Heart Society) when she said she didn't agree with the whole 'Brand New Me' thing.  I don't want a brand new me. I like the me I am.  That's not to say 'me' couldn't do with a few tweaks.  So I'm going for a 'Better Me' approach to my resolutions.  I'm going to:
  • appreciate things and people more
  • share more of myself
  • take the time to breath deep
  • treat every day as a special day
  • forgive more and forget the stuff that doesn't matter
  • believe
  • never, never, never give up

So get ready world!  I've struck my match and come midnight I'm lighting that magnificent cracker and my 2011 is going to erupt in a shower of magic and romance and delight.
Happy New Year everyone!


Nas Dean said...

I also like you the way you are!

Happy New Year!

Elissa Graham said...

Oh you are a sweetie Nas! Happy New Year to you too.

Jackie Ashenden said...

Yay Elissa! Excellent resolutions. Especially that last one. :-)