Monday, November 22, 2010

What Kind of Heroine Are You?

I've been spending a bit of time thinking about my heroine and what kind of person she is.  I'm looking for some hints at conflict areas for her but she's being a bit cagey so I'm resigning myself to writing my way to knowledge.  Works for lots of writers and I think I'd better add my name to their roll call lists.

Anywho, I thought to myself "Self, what kind of heroine do you think you are?" and then I was really surprised because it was actually an interesting question.  To be honest I think I would swing between a couple of "types":
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones' character in Zoro with Antonio Banderas (that feisty I-can-use-a-sword-too kinda gal)
  • The swooner (I mean if George Clooney [current hero-in-residence] were to suddenly swing in on a vine in a leopard print loincloth I think fainting would be very high on the list of reactions)
  • Unfortunately also high on the list would be saying something cheeky (not crass, just saucy).  I do have a tendency to be verbally flirty and it has landed me in trouble on more than a few occasions
  • Wimp.  As much as it pains me to say it, when I'm watching heroines struggle in a movie or read about them in a book when they reach that black moment I always find myself thinking how I'd just lay down and cry forever (and then they shame me by doing something really brave or selfless) and I'm left thinking "that's why I'm not a heroine"

So in my quest to find out what kind of heroine I was I thought I would turn to the internet - that all-encompassing receptacle of mankind's useless bits of trivia - and I got bupkis!

But I did find some very interesting quizes.  Ever wondered which Dr Seuss character you were most like?  How about Twilight or Anime or Pokemon or X-men?  There are quizes for Star Wars, South Park, Shakespeare, Jane Austen and Disney characters.  I did take one that purported to inform me which literary heroine I was most like (Jane Eyre???) and another on regency romance heroine which gave me a very funny response and which I recommend you take by clicking here but make sure you answer based on the kind of heroine you'd most like to be.

And that led me to Quizilla a really quirky site with all sorts of quizes.  Ever wanted to know what kind of board game you were most like?  How about what holiday or movie you were?  Don't do the shoe one - so far off the mark it made me cry!

Anyway have fun quizzing and tell me what kind of heroine you are!

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Joanna St. James said...

i am more of the will lay on the floor and cry and then when you dont relent and back me against the wall I come out swinging