Friday, November 26, 2010

I'm Baa-aack!

That's right.   You heard it here first.  Elissa's got her groove back!  Whoop whoop *high five myself* (which btw looks ridiculous).  I lay on the 'therapy' couch and read lots of motivating articles and posts and took bits from this one and bits from other ones and had a good old think and voila - I had a break through.

It was all to do with point of view (or as the hip people like to call it: POV).  I was trying to keep everything in the POV of my heroine but in order for the story to work, some of the secondary characters needed their time in the spotlight as well.  Now there's lots of advice about not letting your secondary characters taking over and/or making sure you don't confuse your reader about who the story is really about but I'm sure that won't be a problem.  Once the secondaries are introduced they seem to be happy to play subordinate roles and so far the heroine is enjoying having a breather.

In two days I've managed over 4000 words and also completed a plotting outline that's helping me work out the last few kinks in the story.  All in all I'm kinda chuffed with myself.

Anyone else conquered something or had a break through?  Feel free to use my couch if you need to.


Joanna St. James said...

ha ha good for you and how kind of you! That couch looks like just the thing my muse needs, Thank you

Jackie Ashenden said...

Well done you!! Dontcha love a breatkthrough? My last breakthrough consisted of realising I had neutered my hero. Never a good thing to do but happy to discover so I can correct it!. :-)

Elissa Graham said...

Joanna - sit down, relax, take a load off and I'll mix up you something refreshing at the bar. What's your poison?

Jackie - I read that post and had to laugh. Only you could get away with a post called Neutering the Bad Boy. While I've never done it in a manuscript there have been a few real life near misses! It's just so nice to be writing again instead of angsting out all over the ship.

Lacey Devlin said...

Congrats on breaking through! Since I've been without computer *gasp* I have nothing else to contribute ;)

Elissa Graham said...

Lacey I've been wondering where you've been. You've been missed m'dear.