Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Chapter Interruptus

There I was, typing away happily, writing Chapter Six.  Which is a pretty important chapter because although my Hero and Heroine have managed to get all hot and steamy on a few occasions, Chapter Six is where it all happens.

You know?  It.  The "it".  Yes *whispers* sex.

And like I said before, I was on a roll.  Things were heating up very nicely and then WHAM, BAM, KAPOW.  It happened.

No, not that it.  A different it.  A bad it.

Chapter Interruptus.

No matter how hard I try, Life just refuses to be put on hold and quite frequently insists on pushing its way in on my writing time.  So I had to stop writing.  Mid bowm chicka bowm bowm and that kinda left me feeling a little disorientated.

But that's not the worst part.  The worst part is now I've tried three times to pick up from where I left off and ..........I can't.  Talk about performance anxiety.

My Hero and Heroine have been left in a position that I reckon would become physcially uncomfortable in about 5 mins and just plain awkward uncomfortable - on account of no one actually doing anything - in about 1.5 mins.  Think about it folks: things between you and your pelvic affiliate have progressed way past the slow waltz section of the mattress dance and *cue screeching brakes sound effect* someone yells "Freeze!"  How long do you think you could hold it?

Hmmm, that's what I thought too.

But I have been thinking about possible solutions:
1. Rewrite the whole scene.  Not really an option because I don't want my poor little brain to shift out of 'writing' mode into 'rewriting' mode.
2. Watching me some sexy movies.  Distinct possibility.  Please note: I said sexy not adult.
3. Listen to some sexy music.  Tried this a few times.  Mr Ne-Yo - ohmigoodnesslordyme.  Yes well it sort of worked except that I ended up thinking of a new story which I have sworn not to follow up until I have finished this one.  Actually make that two stories.  Bad Ne-Yo.  Bad.  Bad.  Bad.
4. Psych myself into it.  Also known as sucking it up and just doing it.  Think this is going to be my only real option.  If it sounds a little disjointed or not so sexy when I read it back, then I will do my best to smooth it all out and spice it up.

Dare I ask, what do you do when you get stuck writing mid Wild Thang?  While I wait for your sage advice, Sandy and I will listen to Ne-Yo.  Just a little bit.  Promise.

Ohmigoodnesslordyme indeed!


Jackie Ashenden said...

I find writing sexy times does sometimes take me ages. Especially if you've been building up to it for a while. Can you get yourself back into the flow by re-reading the bits that came before? I find that helps when I've had to leave a WIP for a while then come back to it.
Good luck anyway! Your poor hero will probably have the stamina of a 100 men by now. :-)

Elissa Graham said...

It's actually a relief to hear that it doesn't come as naturally as breathing to everyone else! It's not that I find them difficult to write *blushes.... or tries to* but taking a hiatus and then trying to jump back in just plain sucks.

I've tried the re-reading bit but instead of getting carried away in the moment I end up thinking: "ooh I could have written that better" or "WTF??!!". More often than not, it's the last one heh heh heh.

I did get a fabulous chuckle when I read your last line. There used to be a cartoon called Banana Man which was voiced by the Goodies and BM's offsider (a crow) says to BM "Remember you have the strength of 20 men" to which BM replies "20 BIG men!"

Not so much poor Hero as poor Heroine. Tantric sex, here we ...er...come?