Monday, February 7, 2011

I've Met Someone........

The room was dimly lit and the first time I noticed him was when he walked past to join his mates and then he turned around and smiled.

Alright it was at another woman but I saw that smile and something just clicked.

He spent the next few hours smiling and laughing, drinking and falling in love.  Yeah, okay again it was with another woman but by now the damage had been done.  I'd fallen.

Afterwards I spent some time thinking about him.  And how perfect he was.  Not perfect as in had no faults.  But perfect as in just the right guy for me.  Well for my new WIP anyway.


The other night I watched The Holiday and saw this fabulously sexy beast:
Jude Law.  Apparently The Holiday was his first RomCom and I think he did rather well in it.  I like to think of it as his audition for the Hero in my new WIP.  I wanted an Englishman and had sort of settled on another muse but it wasn't a great fit, but then Jude smiled and, well the rest is history.  So that's Evan all mused up.

Now for Leila.  I'm not big on the stick-insect figure (and not just because I don't have one myself) I just think they're an unhealthy goal for young (and some not so young) girls to set themselves.  So I decided that none of my heroines would ever be thin.  Slim? Yes but in a healthy-still-with-curves type slim.  With that in mind, please ignore this young lady's bod and just focus on the face - especially the eyes (and the hair - god what I wouldn't give for her hair!).
Photo by Lester Cohen courtesy
Emmy Rossum - seriously beautiful.  Don't they make a gorgeous couple?  They will, after he gets over himself and she reaches down deep and finds that little bit of naughty she never knew she had!

Wish them (and me) luck.