Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Little Dazed and Somewhat Confused.....

I think that aptly describes how most people are feeling after reading the second List from the NV comp.  I will admit that I had my fingers crossed that the editors saw something in my writing - enough to warrant a "please can we see more", a "please can we see something different" or even "please can you fill in for a temp in the typing pool".  Alas my name failed to appear.  But what surprised me the most (and yes I probably should have learnt from the first List) was that names I was positive would be on the second list - weren't.  In fact I didn't recognise any of the names on the second list (not that I'm saying that I know that many people) but given the quality of some of the entries from people I do know, I have to say I was a little stunned.  And of course disappointed for them.

So my decision to take a break from M&B writing for a wee bit has been reinforced.  If I hadn't a newly started chapter for my Single Title to focus on and feel all excited about, I think the disappointment about the NV second List would have been much greater.

I am going to imagine there's a third List, entitled: Writers To Keep An Eye On and that my name is on the top (a lack of hubris?  Moi?  Never!) and that all my far more deserving and worthy blogfriends and mentors are right there too!

Ego sum a scriptor.  Ego mos persevero scribo.  Ego ero vulgo.
I am a writer.  I will continue to write.  I will be published.

Now I'm heading over to the Minxes blog for a pre-breakfast cocktail.  Hmmmm now what will I wear......?


Lacey Devlin said...

I'm glad you've got your ST as a distraction Elissa! I'm in the stunned box with you. There were so many great chapters that were also so popular that I assumed where shoo ins too. The important thing is to keep writing :)

Jackie Ashenden said...

Yay for you, Elissa. I wish I had an ST idea. I don't sadly. All my ideas seem doomed to category. Which at this stage of the game is a bit of a pisser. :-)

Elissa Graham said...

Lacey - you can't keep a good girl down (or so the saying goes). But then again there's that saying about good girls going to heaven but bad girls getting to go everywhere.....So who knows. I think you hit the nail on the head though - you just have to keep writing.

Jackie - you poor possum. If you like you can have one of my ideas. Care for the idea of being a ghost writer? Or a collaborator? Plenty of kick-arse girly duos out there writing amazing books together! Have you checked out the posts on a blog called QueryTracker (
They have some amazing tips for getting through submission blues, rejections and keeping your mojo up. I highly recommend the read. My heart goes out to you lovie - you've really been through the wringer lately and I so wish I could help more.

Rachael Johns said...

Coming in late to your post but I just wanted to agree with you. I was quite stunned and disappointed by the list and I too am reconsidering whether I actually have what M&B want or the ability to mould my writing that way. Good luck with whatever you're deciding to work on now :)