Monday, October 18, 2010

God Bless Generous Writers

And I mean that sincerely.  There are some people who, when they come into knowledge, clutch it tightly to their metaphorical chests, guarding it from prying eyes.  For unknown reasons they prescribe to the old adage that 'Knowledge is Power' but they miss the point.  Knowledge is power; it's a heady, thrilling, liberating feeling to learn something.  To know something is a wonderful thing and the more you know, the more wonderful it is.  But, and here's the part that of which the Knowledge Grinches are ignorant, it becomes even more wonderful when you share that knowledge with someone else.  When you share that knowledge with a multitude, then that feeling is magnified as well.

Which leads me back to the title of this post.  Anyone who has read my previous posts will know how highly I esteem my blog mentors - those writers (both published and unpublished) who have the generosity of spirit to share what they have learned in order to smooth the path for those of us that choose to tread this road as well. 

Shirley Jump has blessed us with part two of a post about Showing Not Telling and generally how to improve your writing so that it flows like honey on the page (as opposed to congealing like cooking fat as mine seems to insist on doing).  But by sharing her experience, Shirley is guiding and mentoring me, helping me grow as a writer and improve my craft.

So bless you Shirley (and all my other blog mentors) - the road ahead looks smoother already!


Tina said...

Great job! I needed these "show don't tell posts" so badly! Thanks so much for the help.

Jackie Ashenden said...

Knowledge is definitely power - I used to be a librarian so I should know. Hehe. Share and share alike I say. Power to the people etc!
Good on you for sharing this, Elissa. Fantastic stuff.

Talei said...

That was great! And I love blog mentors too! Thanks for sharing this Elissa. I'm definitely going to work on showing more. Have a love week! ;)

dennis hodgson said...

'Knowledge', in the context of this post, appears to be focused on the 'how to..." of fiction writing. I don't write fiction, but I do believe in sharing what I know. My most recent post is an insider's view [I live in China] of the prospect that India or China will rise to become top dog in the global hierarchy in the coming decades:

Comparative Advantage