Thursday, February 28, 2013

It Is DONE!!!!

Hip Hip Hooray and a loud Huzzah for the SFD (or Shitty First Draft as Jessica Hart calls it) is finished!

I finished it this morning and it's currently sitting at 53, 236 words which I am quite please with.  I have enough surplus to form a nice buffer zone for editing purposes - enough to trim and then add more where it is needed.

I see a lot of that in my not too distant future - trimming and adding.

And while I have had a bit of time and distance from the beginning of the book that I could probably go back and start editing now, I am going to reward myself by doing a little more work on my Jane Austen single title.

Of course I let Sandy know I'd finished.  This is what she thought of my effort:

 Well, maybe not that great - but I appreciate the sentiment :)

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