Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What Was I Thinking?

There are times when it's so easy to get ahead of yourself.  I like to think of myself as the kind of gal who embraces whatever life throws at me.  Seeing opportunities instead of impediments and that kind of thing.  But there comes a time when you have to slow down and realise that saying no is actually the smart thing to do.

And so it goes with my entry to the SYTYCW competition.

I have enjoyed the rollercoaster ride of New Voices for the last few years and although I had (sensibly) decided not to enter, once I laid eyes on that website with its oh so tempting calendar, something inside started jumping up and down and squealing for all it was worth.  I find all writing competitions exciting and it was this overwhelming excitement that made me think entering was a good idea.

Damn you, excitement!

But I've had a few days to think about it and I have reverted to my original decision.  No comp for me this year.  I'm targetted slush piles instead.  So this will be me:

Meditating while I finish my ms and revise and edit and proof and polish.  And then when its ready, I'll unleash the squealing jumping fruitcake :)

In the meantime I will read all the entries and learn from them.  Good luck to all the entrants :)


Autumn said...

LOL, Elissa, love that image! Fingers crossed for your slush pile subs.

I know what you mean about that little squeeing "Yes yes yes let's do it!" voice. I had it too!

Despite the fact I swore off writing anything specifically for contests. Despite the fact I had a rat's chance of getting any of my stories completely edited up in time. Despite the fact I really don't like the contest format.

Anyway, we can have fun reading other people's entries without the angst.

I still want to read the full of your old NV entry! Hope that's amongst those slush pile subs.

Elissa Graham said...

Autumn, you lovely lovely lady. All my NV entries are languishing in my hard drive, waiting for attention. I'll get back to them one day...... maybe.

I'm actually enjoying the lack of pressure in writing this ms - like you say - no angst.

Btw I'm loving your blog; keep up all the inspirational posts, I'm finding them so helpful :)